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Adapter plates

Adapter plates for lathe chucks and independent chucks... [more]

Angle plates/Clamping cubes

Angle plates: - with clamping slots - with t-nuts Clamping cubes:... [more]

box jaws

box jaws for independent chucks serve to clamp workpieces on to... [more]

Chucks RÖHM

RÖHM  - Made in Germany key bar chucks... [more]

Chucks TOS

TOS-Svitavy chucks & accessories [more]


2-, 3-, 4- and 6-Jaw lathe chucks - DIN 6350 | DIN 55026 | DIN... [more]

Clamps/Clamping claws

Clamps and clamping claws for quick and safe clamping of tools and... [more]


Collets ER, OZ, 163E, 173E, 185E, R8, 5C, collet sets, tapping... [more]

Cross and slide tables

Made from high quality stabilized cast iron, this product range... [more]

Drill chucks

keyless drill ckucks, universal drill chucks according to DIN... [more]

Indep. chucks up to Ø 1250

BISON Independent chucks, cast irion, up to Ø 1250 mm These... [more]

Indep. chucks up to Ø 2000

- independent with big diameter - heavy duty four-jaw independent... [more]

Indexing fixtures

Indexing fixtures, tailstocks, rotary tables, swivel plates,... [more]

Lathe chucks, WATANO

FUERDA Watano Lathe chucks with cylindrical mount according to... [more]

Magnetic plates

Magnetic plates [more]

Power chucks

Power chucks & Collet chucks compatible with Kitagawa -... [more]

Sleeves and arbors

Reducing sleeves, Extension sleeves, Drill and reamer extensions,... [more]


Deburring tool X-Grat, Clamping pin, tap holder, saw blade holder... [more]

Special chucks

Chucks with morse taper shank, lever scroll chucks, chucks with... [more]

Tailstock centres

Revolving tailstock centres, revolving tube centres, BASIC... [more]


Test arbors - DIN 2080 (steep taper) - DIN 69871 (steep taper)... [more]

Toggle Clamps

Vertical & horizontal toggle clamps [more]

Tool holders

DIN 2080 (Steilkegel), DIN 228 Morsekegelaufnahmen (MK), DIN 69871... [more]


When determining the size have a look under:... [more]


Drilling machine vices, compact NC-vices, mechanical and hydraulic... [more]

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