Clamping tools

Accessories for clamping tools

Adapter plates

According to DIN 55026

According to DIN 55027

According to DIN 55029

Adapter wit 5C mointing

DIN 55026 power chucks


revolv. chucks adaptor

Rough adaptor plates DIN 800

Angle plates/Clamping cubes

Angles plates

Clamping cubes

box jaws

Chucks RÖHM

3 jaw chucks RÖHM



Chucks TOS


Four-jaw lathe chucks

Jaws for TOS- chucks

Three-jaw lathe chucks


Accessories - ZENTRA

Four-jaw lathe chucks

Six-jaw lathe chucks

Three-jaw lathe chucks

two-jaw lathe chucks

with fine adjustment

Clamps/Clamping claws

Clamping claws

Stepless height adjustable clamp

Stepped clamps

Tapered clamps


574E & 575E

Adjustable guide bushes

Aluminium cases

Bar feed collets


Collet sets with chuck

Collets for multisp. drill heads

Collets in sets

DA collets (Erickson)

DIN 6343

DIN 6343-Rubber-Flex

DIN 6388

DIN 6499

Draw-in collets

MT Collets for direct clamping

Tapping collets

Cross and slide tables

Cross tables MF

Cross tables MF DRILL

Cross tables MF MINI

Cross tables MG

Cross tables MG MINI

Cross tables ZENTRA

Slide tables CP

Drill chucks

CNC-Drill chucks

CNC-Drill polygonal taper

DIN 2080

DIN 69871

DIN 69880 (VDI)

DIN 69893 (HSK) - AD



Morse taper

Driven tools

Baruffaldi TOEM


DIN 1809

DIN 5480

DIN 5482

for NAKAMURA turrets

Mori Seiki


Indep. chucks up to Ø 1250

Cylindrical mount

DIN 55026

DIN 55027

DIN 55029

Heavy-duty chcuks


Indep. chucks up to Ø 2000

4-jaw chuck, jaw setting wescott

conc. 3 jaw-chuck, big Ø

Heavy duty four jaw ind. chucks

with big Ø

Indexing fixtures

2-jaw vice

3-jaw vice

3-jaw vice

4-jaw vice

5C holder

Abgle plates

Collet chuck

Heavy-duty tilting plates

Indexing spacer

Leveling screws

Rorary table UT

Rotary tables - ZENTRA

Spannax SSM

Swivel angle plates

Swivel plate

Swivel plate



Wedge clamps



For TOS-chucks


Für 1.5 x 60°

hybrid clamping jaw

Pendulum bridges to 6-jaw chuck

Pie jaws

Lathe chucks, WATANO

3-jaw lathe chucks WATANO

4-jaw lathe chucks


Independent chucks

Six-jaw lathe chucks

Magnetic plates

Magnetic lathe chuck

Magnetic plate

Magnetic plate, round

Power chucks

Collet chuck

Four-jaw power chuck

Hydraulic cylinder Type M

Jaw turning fixtures


Lever-Uperated Chuck

Pneumatic collet chucks

Pneumatic power chucks

Power Chuck for clamping heads

Stationary power chucks


Three-jaw power chuck

Two-/ Three-jaw combined power chucks

Two-jaw power chuck

Sleeves and arbors

Clamping sleeves

Clamping sleeves

Drill and reamer extensions

Extension sleeve

reducing sleeves

reducing sleeves HF

Spindle sleeves

Spindle sleeves cyl.

Tap holders

Taper arbors

Turning & Grinding Arbors



Jaw turning fixtures

Jaw turning rings


Reversal tapping chucks

Sanding belt holder

Saw blade holders

Special chucks

5C collet chucks

Collet chucks DIN 6343

collet chucks ER

Comb. lathe chucks

lever scroll chucks

Lever-Uperated Chuck

overelaborate chuck

Stainless clamping chucks

with large through-hole

with morse taper

Tailstock centres

Heavy -Duty live center

Heavy-duty NC revolving tailstock centre

Hydraulic face drivers

Modular tube centres

Revolving tail stock center VDI


Solid centres

Tailstock centre

Tube centre



DIN 2080

DIN 229-morse taper

DIN 69871

DIN 69880

HSK-test arbors

ISO 26623-1

Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps AMF

Toggle Clamps BASIC

Tool holders


Cylindrical Shank

DIN 2080

DIN 69871



Morse taper

Polygonal taper

VDI DIN 69880





2-jaw vice

3-jaw vice

3-jaw vice

3-Way Tilting Vice

4-jaw vice

5-axes self-centering vices

Crank lever vice

Double vice

Drilling machine vice

EDM clamping systems

Electrode holder

Erosion vice

Jaws for vices/accessory

Machine vice

MC power vices

Modular vice system

Pneumatic vices

Self centering vice

Self-centering vice type ZSM2

Sine vices

SP81, ISP81, OSP81

Swivel plate

Table vice

Tee nuts

Tool makers vice

Type FHS2

Type HPT, tiltable

Type NCK2, mechanic-hydraulic


Vice in row

Measuring tools


3D-Sensor "mini"

3D-Sensors and centering devices - HAIMER


Brake-discs caliper

Type 744/1

Type 744/2

Type 745

Type 746

Type 746/5

Type 746/6

Type 747

Type 748

Clamping force meter

for spindels

for three-jaw chucks

for vices

Control caliper analog

Type 720

Type 721

Type 722

Type 723

Type AZC 38

Type AZC 39

Type AZC 40

Type AZC 41

Type AZC 48

Type AZC 49

Type AZC45

Type AZC46

Control caliper digital

Type 6011

Type 6012

Type 6013

Type 6014

Type 6015

Type 6016

Type 6018 + 6019

Type 6032

Type AZ 51

Type AZ 52

Type AZ 53

with inductiv measuring system

Dephth Calipers

Analog depth calipers

Depth vernier caliper, type C061

Digital depth calipers

Digital scale unit type 717

Extention base

scale unit 609

scale unit 690

scale unit 715

scale unit 716

Dial caliper

Type 491

Type 492

Type 493

Type 494

Type 495

Type 614/4

Dial indicators

Analog dial indicators

Digital dial indicators

Universal test indicators

Digital universal test indicator

Set of dial test indicator + sma

Dial comparator C 1000

Dial comparators C 1002

Dial.indicator + support

Analog dial caliper gauges

Analog thickness gauges

Center indicator

Clamping tool for dial indicator

Comparator gauge COMPIKA C 1001

Digital caliper gauges

Digital shore durometers

Digital thickness gauges

Edge finder

Edge finder, electronic

Extension rod for dial indicator

Holder for test indicator S 512

Ignition point setters 639

Insert adapters for dial indicat

Magnetic dial supports

Measuring instruments

Measuring tool set S 510

Rockwell Hardness Testers 5

Z-zero setters

Inductive probes

Digital calipers



disc caliper

for left hand

glass rail

large-sized measuring faces

made of fiberglass

non magnetic

TiN coated

Type 61

Type 67

Type 6700

Type 6704

Type 6705

Type 6706

Type 6708

Type 6709

Type 6710

Type 6711

Type 6712

Type 6715

Type 6720

Type 6725

Type 6727

Type 6733

Type 6735

Type 68

Type C016/11

Type C016/12

Type M605

Type M606

with autolock

with carbide measuring faces

with FRAC display

with inductive measuring system

with long jaws

with long points

with offset jaws

with point jaws

with PRESET-function

with roll

with solar cell

with thin jaws

without roll

without roll, small

Dividers & marking calipers

Compass vernier caliper

Digital bevel protractor

Digital protractor, joiners adju

Digital steel marking gauge

Dividers with joint

Dividers with joint Type 10

Inside calipers Type 13

Inside calipers Type 3

Marking gauges

Marking vernier caliper with rol

Outside and inside calipers

Outside calipers Type 14

Outside calipers Type 4

Prec. spring dividers DIN 6487

Prec. spring inside calipers DIN

Prec. spring outside calipers

Precision internal and external calipers

Precision marking caliper, with

Precision spring gauge




Spring dividers type 22

Steel beam compass

Steel beam compass with fine adjustment

Steel beam compass, Inox,

Steel protractor, satin chrome f

Steel protractor, satin chrome f

Universal bevel protractor with

Universal bevel protractor, TOP

Wing dividers

Wing dividers

Wing dividers Typ 12

Edge finders



Gauge blocks & parallels

Angle gauge block sets

Block gauges

Block gauges, ceramic

Gauge block set

Pin gauges & sets


Acme thread gauge

Angle gauge

Angled thread cutter gauge

Combined turning and thread gaug

Combined turning and thread gaug

Feeler Gauges

Feeler gauges band

Feeler gauges F82+83

Jet gauge

Jet gauges

Lathe tool gauges for different

Limit plud gauges set

Limit plug gauges

Precision twist drill master gau

Profile gauges


Ring gauges

Screw pitch gauges

Setting rings

Surface checking plates

Taper slot gages

Telescopic gauge set

Thread gauges

Thread- & tolerance indicator

Twist drill grinding gauges

Universal grinding gauge

Universal thread cutting gauge

Welding seam gauges

Wire and twist-drill gauges

height gauges

Digital gauge T153

Type T120

Type T140

Type T150

Type T151

Type T152

Type T155

Type T160

Type T607

Type T608

Type T609

Magnifiers & Microscope

Illum. magnifier SM 505

Illum. magnifier SM 506

Illum. magnifier SM 507

Jewelers magnifier SM 509

Magnifier L300

Magnifying Lamps

Precision magnifiner

Precision pen microscope SM 401

Precision pen microscope SM 402

Precision pen microscope SM 403

Precision pen microscope,SM 400

Reading magnifier SM 508

Stereo microscope SM 500

Stereo zoom-micro. SM 501

Video inspection endoscope

Measuring tool sets

Type 711

Type 712/1



Ball inserts

Digital tube micrometer

Inserts f. universal micrometer

Micrometer for sheet thickness


Micrometers wirh discs

Micrometers with interchangeable

Ratchet force measuring tool

Setting standard f. outs. microm

Setting standard f. screw microm

Thread inserts type M 122

Tube micrometer

Universal measuring table

Various depth micrometers

Various inside micrometers

Various micrometers head

Pocket vernier calipers


Typ 496/1

Typ 614

Typ 615/10

Typ 616

Typ C010

Typ C011

Typ C012

Typ C016

Typ C018

Typ CB

Typ CL






Type C013

Type CSB

Type CSV

Spirit levels

Digital measuring, type 379

Fibre glass measuring tapes, Typ

Fibre glass measuring tapes, Typ

Fibre glass measuring tapes, Typ

Folding rule 440

Folding rule 441

Folding rule 442

Folding rule 444

Folding rule 445

Folding rule 446

Folding rule 447

Pocket measuring tape type 462

Pocket measuring tape type 465

Pocket measuring tape type 5382

Pocket measuring tape, type 2650

Pocket measuring tape, type 371

Pocket measuring tape, type 372

Pocket measuring tape, type 373

Pocket measuring tape, type 374

Pocket measuring tape, type 377

Pocket measuring tape, type 378

Pocket measuring tape, type 5000

Pocket measuring tape, type 5383

Pocket measuring tape, type 5384

Skale measuring tapes

spirit levels, Type 312

spirit levels, „Magnetic“, Type 313

Steel measuring tape, type 2651

Steel measuring tape, Type 320

Steel measuring tape, Type 322

steel measuring tape, Type 330

steel measuring tape, Type 331

Steel measuring tape, Type 332

\"PIMETER\" measure, type 457


Acute angle square 45°

Adjustable sliding bevel

Bevel edge square

Carpenter’s square

center square

Control square

Flange steel squares

Flat square

Joiner’s square

Mitre squares

Multidegrees square

Other angles

Precision control square

Steel square 120°

Steel square 135°

Steel square 135°

Steel squares

Steel rules

Flexible steel Rules

Prec. knife straight edges

Prec. steel edges

Steel rules

Steel rules with hook 90°

Steel rules with mm-graduation

Steep steel Rules

Straight edge

Tire tread feeler gauge

Type 615/3

Type 615/4

Type 615/5

Type 615/6

Tripods & Supports

Bench centers

Digital levels

Magnetic bases

Magnetic fixture

Magnetic V-block

Magnetiv dial supports

Plates and equipment

Precision engineer\'s s

Precision engineer\'s spirit leve

Precision toolmarkers vise

Sin vises

Sundry dial benches

Sundry dial supports

Universal dial indicator stand

Universal surface gauge

Zero Adjusters



Cover strip for T-slots

Aluminium cases

Assembly supports

Automatic Ejectors

Changing Devices

Chip guard

Clamping nuts

Clamping set

Coolant tubes

Cross retaining screws

Driving tenons


Feather keys & Clamping screw

for combi end shell mill holders

Hollow spindle stop

Insert for synchr.-tapping

Nuts for T-slots (T-nuts)

Nuts for T-slots, extended



Pull studs

Quick-change tapping inserts

Safety drive rings

Sealing discs

Shrink fit extensions

Spacing & Bearing collars


Special grease & gun


Taper cleaners

Tool racks

Work piece stop

Acessories for mesuring tools

Depth meas. bases 648

Marking fluid

Wax for granit plates

Chip Hook, Chip collector

Cleansing agent

Cleaning spray

Highly efficient cleaner, 5 ltr.

LED Lamp

Quick-lock coolant hose systems

Transport equipment


Goods on sale

With optical defects


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